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With a daily tied up routine it is nearly impossible to take the complete care of your car. The correct care of the car can be taken by signing up a simple AMC. To make sure your vehicle is working optimaly our car service poerforms a number of changes and top ups along with a through examination of vital components. As it is wrightly said prevention is better then cure AMC of your cars is the first step to ensure a smooth ride on the road without a breakdown.

Why your car needs regular servicing

Overtime vehicle wear and tear is inevitable and if it isn’t dealt with it can produce major issues for your vehicle, which will incur major repair costs or render the vehicle unroadworthy. You could even face devastating consequences if any critical components like braking, steering or suspension is involved. A general car service helps to prevent the above from occurring as your mechanic can pick up any potential problems before they become a hazard. While not only saving you money in the short term, it will also save you money over the long run as your car will be running at optimal efficiency keeping your fuel bills low!

Full Lube & Safety Service

>> Replace engine oil and filter.
>> Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels including battery, brake, clutch, power steering, radiator and windscreen washers.
>> Check all external Lights
>> Check horn operation
>> Grease all steering, suspension, drive shafts joints if applicable >> Inspect windscreen wipers and washer operation
>> Inspect tyres, wear and side wall condition, adjust tyre pressure inc spare if needed
>> Inspect the exhaust system for leaks and security
>> Inspect under body for oil leaks, crack and or corrosion
>> Inspect air filter
>> Inspect front and rear disc brakes, disc pads and rotor condition
>>Inspect and adjusted rear brake shoes if fitted report on condition of wheel cylinders
>> Inspect front steering and suspension arms, linkages and bushes for wear
>> Inspect rear suspension arms, linkages and bushes for wear
>> Inspect front struts/shock absorbers for leaks and mounting bushes for wear
>> Inspect battery, battery terminals condition, security and levels
>> Inspect external drive belts, pullies and tensioners
>> Inspect cooling system, radiator, hoses and housings
>> Inspect drive shaft, joints, boots and couplings for wear
>> Inspect engine and transmission mounts for cracks alignment and condition
>> Inspect seat belt operation report on condition
>> Inspect air conditioner and vent controls for correct operation
>> Lube door locks and hinges
>> Car interior and exterior cleaning
>> Road test

Terms & Condition – link *

All payments vil be accepted in cash card check
Service tax and vat tax vil be additional
2% additional charges vil be levied for card payment
apart from AMC service any other labour or parts vil be charged additional
additional 10 % discount on all labour jobs for members
1 time car towing service free within city limits
kamal air will not be liable for any type of losses in you vehicle after work is complete. The company is also not respnsible for any belonging kept in the vehicle. Plz check and take all your personal belongings before handing it over for service.