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Mechanical Repair

Mechanical work is the most crucial work which needs expert techintions with latest technology to overcome any breakdown of the car. The major reasons for a car breakdown coulb be break faliur, engine breakdown and suspension vibration. Including these problems any other major mechanical problem can be taken care at kamal air auto pvt. Ltd.

Brake Service

Disc Brake Service

Every Auto Masters Disc Brake Service includes high tech on car disc machining, pad replacement inspection and repacking of front wheel bearings (if applicable), full inspection of hydraulics and a Disc Brake Service report.

Drum Brake Service

Every Auto Masters Drum Brake Service includes shoe replacement, machining of drums, full system inspection, cleaning and adjustment of brake components, bearings cleaned, inspected and repacked (if applicable).

Brake Fluid Replacement

Every Auto Masters Brake Fluid Replacement services includes bleeding of the entire system. (Excludes ABS)


We are offering substitution of electromagnetic clutches & brakes wet type. We repair clutch and repalace if needs.