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Smash Repair

Kamal Air provide an expedited service to repair dents, scratches or other damages to paint jobs. Kamal Air provides fast & reliable factory paint, custom paint and vehicle body parts repair. We provide DENTING AND PAINTING SERVICES to the vehicles. The vehicles are painted properly to hide the scratches also. Our customers are highly satisfied by our denting & painting services as we cater their needs accordingly. Better quality colour is used for paintings available in our workshop. The Painters are well experienced in mixing colours as per the manufacturers recommend-ations and can match any colour to suit the existing faded or bright colours.No job is too small or too big, from fine scratches, paint ships & dents, to ripped plastic & fiberglass parts, we fix it all professionally and fast. You have a custom paint job from another paint company, but can not locate the original artist? No problem; we can fix it for you.