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Electrical Service

Over the past few years car manufacturers have been developing cars with more intricate electrical systems to power certain components. Having more electrical systems in your car means that more possible problems can occur, leaving you needing the services of an Auto Electrician. Auto Electrician Services Includes

Engine & Engine Component Based Services:

Engine Tuning

By tuning the engine to optimal performance using the latest equipment will deliver a more responsive drive by restoring lost power and increased fuel economy, helping to lower your overall emissions. Whether you’re in need of regular tuning, performance tuning or just a spark plug replacement.

Engine Carbon Clean

With everyday driving and the use of lesser quality fuel your engine starts to accumulate carbon on fuel injectors and other engine components. This accumulated carbon causes poor fuel economy, a decrease in power and responsiveness plus rough idling and emissions. An engine carbon cleaning service will deter these issues from occurring while also increasing the life expectancy of your engine.


The alternator plays an important role within your car. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy to help power electrical parts within your vehicle and to recharge your battery using a DC rather than AC current. If your alternator isn’t working then many of your car’s components will fail or your vehicle will completely stop. If you think your alternator is on its way out, get in contact with your nearest Auto Electrician as soon as possible.